As you walk through the gates you will be back in 17th century France in a labyrinth populated with trees, fences and fountains each of which illustrates one of Aesop's fables. 

The Labyrinth existed for just over 100 years and with this app you can now walk around the Grove of the Queen and find the Labyrinth’s 39 fountains; experience them in 3D and be able to read each fable and attempt to deduce the moral! When you correctly deduce the morals the fountain will activate and as you read more fables the labyrinth will grow around you!

This App allows the user, with multiple options for mode and device, to experience a 3D virtual reality walk through the Labyrinthe de Versailles now approximately 250 years since the Labyrinthe was destroyed. With a GPS-enabled and gyroscopic device the user may physically walk the Bosquet de la Reine while viewing the Labyrinthe and the fountains in 3D. Alternatively, a stationary user can experience the Labyrinthe using touch and swipe controls to navigate from fountain to fountain.


you can download the immersive version on the official Oculus VR Share website :

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Clic here to play the Labyrinth of Fables in your web browser !

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